Welcome to the UK Wildlife Film School

Practical hands-on wildlife film courses throughout the Highlands & Islands of Scotland

The UK Wildlife Film School has been running for over six years and today is one of the most comprehensive wildlife film schools in the world filming in 4K. We give you the opportunity to learn and experience first hand what it is like and what is required to live and film in the wild.

We are the only wildlife film school in the world to film and edit 4K in the field. Using the latest professional Sony 4K cameras and Apple 4K editing suite/system, we can guarantee the films you produce will be of the highest production quality, giving you a major advantage as you embark on your wildlife film career.

Sony FS7 + Fujinon Cinema Lenses

We are pleased to announce that Fujifilm are very kindly sponsoring us some of their world-class Fujinon 4K cinema lenses for use on our courses this year...
Take a look at the video above to see it in action!

Working in the field creates its own difficulties when dealing with 4K due to the amount of data involved. Learn how to data wrangle, log footage and edit your film whilst operating in a remote location using the state of the art 4K editing equipment whilst learning all the tasks required to produce a wildlife film successfully out in the field.

Finally, remember that you're filming real wildlife. This means we will be filming wildlife that is living and roaming freely in the wild. You will not be filming any animals that are kept in pens or fenced off enclosures, but real wildlife living in their real environments.

2015 Film Courses

Isle of Skye8th-19th June Places not available
Outer Hebrides6th-17th July Places not available
Isle of Mull3rd-14th August Places not available
Isle of Jura 5th-16th October Just £100 a day

The video above shows our new Sony FS7 filming on location. It is fitted with the Fujinon ZK12x25 - one of the two 4K cinema zoom lenses that Fujifilm have sponsored us for use on this years film courses. The whole camera rig is being solidly supported by a heavy duty Sachtler 18P tripod sponsored from Top-Teks, enabling you to hold a steady shot even whilst fully zoomed in.

The camera, lens and tripod support system are of the highest professional quality, giving you valuable hands-on experience as well as the opportunity to film some truly stunning wildlife footage.

Do not be discouraged if you are unfamiliar with any of this equipment - each student will receive full training and instruction, plus equal time operating the camera, regardless of any previous experience you may or may not have. With just one camera between two students, we can confidently say you will not receive this standard of equipment or instruction on any other wildlife film course.

Places are limited to just four students per course, so we recommend booking early as you can so not to miss out.

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